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Donation Form

Please review our Donation Policy prior to submitting this form.



It is acknowledged that you gave this gift out of your own generosity and commitment to Jesus Christ our Lord. We are grateful for individuals like you who give selflessly to the needs of the local church.

Donor hereby warrants that the Donation is free of any and all encumbrances and that Donor has full legal right to Donate the Donation. Upon receipt of the Donation by Liberty International Ministries, Donor may not revoke the Donation.

Furthermore, any and all expenses associated with the execution of this Donation Agreement, such as but not limited to, expenses incurred during the transfer of the Donation are the sole and exclusive responsibility of Donor.

Donor and Liberty International Ministries agree that no services, sales, promotion, or anything of a similar nature is indicated or entered into by this Donation. Donor and Liberty International Ministries agree that the Donation has been given without any further agreement of services or retribution to Liberty International Ministries and is given freely and willfully by the Donor and received by Liberty International Ministries.

Liberty International Ministries is a qualified organization as described in section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. As a result, your contribution to this church may have a favorable tax impact on your tax return. Under section 170(f)(8)(b) of the Internal Revenue Code, this church is prohibited from estimating the fair market value of your donated personal property.

We ask that you please consult with your tax preparer concerning the tax benefits of your contribution and the possible need to have the item properly appraised in order to get the maximum deduction allowed by law.

Thank you for your Kindness and Support!

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