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Apostolic Covering Request

Thank you for reaching out to Apostle Dr. Liberty Cheney. She is humbled and honored that you desire covenant with her by asking for her to prayerfully consider covering you and your ministry.  


Please complete this request form in its entirety.


Incomplete forms will NOT be processed.

You can also complete this form via Google forms

Marital Information

Marital Status
If married are you seeking joint covering?
Does your spouse support your ministry?

Salvation Experience

Calling & Appointment to Ministry

Ministry Gift (Ephesians 4:11) - please selct all that apply
Ministry Office (I Timothy 3:1; Titus 1)

Church/Ministry/Organization Information

Ministerial Credentials

Have you been licensed to preach the Gospel?
Have you been ordained?

Theological Education

Have you had any formal educational training in christian ministry, bible college or seminary?

Ministry Insight

If not avaliable on social media, do you have any recordings of your sermons or teachings in which you were the keynote speaker?

Spiritual Covering

Do you currently have a spiritual covering?
If no, have you been under a spiritual covering before?
I understand the following Terms and Conditions:

Thanks for submitting. We will contact you shortly.

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