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Our History

Liberty International Ministries began New Year’s Eve 2016, in the basement of Apostle Liberty Cheney with five faithful people. Even though it started small, there was a major social media following that had been established, which contributed to the early success of the ministry. Via periscope and other social media platforms, Liberty International Ministries gained love and support from countries abroad such as London, Canada, Nigeria, Liberia, Germany, to name a few. The heartbeat of this vision has been felt across the globe through a simple WiFi connection and faith.


God used the Fab Five and social media to produce the “Broken Masterpieces” conference at the University of Maryland in April 2017, where people from across the country came to worship God corporately. Saints traveled from Chicago, Alabama, New Orleans, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Mississippi, North Carolina, etc. to experience the power of God. Lives were forever changed, and Liberty International Ministries gained momentum and confidence.


The doors opened on Old Washington Rd. on Resurrection Sunday, April 16th , 2017 approximately two weeks after our first conference. Since LIM is located next door to a liquor store, many people were taken aback because of what was deemed as, “Not a place for a church”, had become a church. This has proven to be a perfect location to insert this ministry because LIM has been able to touch the hearts of the people that God loves. The lost, unsaved, and the wounded. We have witnessed many miracles due to our positioning in the earth. There is an undeniable freedom that many people have professed that they feel when entering the sanctuary.


2 Corinthians 3:17, “Where the Spirit of the Lord Is, There Is Liberty” is the foundational scripture for the ministry and this is where the name was birthed. LIM is a “Hannah House”, a house of prayer. LIM is known for having powerful intercessors who will pray down heaven to experience the Glory of God. People have come from near and far for prayer in order to be healed or delivered at Liberty International Ministries. We must acknowledge the power of the previous years because they are foundational and will forever be etched in our hearts as we go forth serving Gods people. The past years of ministry have taught us to pray and never despise small beginnings!

Liberty International Ministries is a community of faith rooted in the love of God. We believe worship is not just found in prayer, it’s something expressed in everything we do. Our philosophy is deeply rooted in the Holy Scriptures, life’s only guidebook. Come and join us to experience God’s grace for yourself. There’s a special place for you at our church and in God's Kingdom.



At Liberty International Ministries, we pursue the Glory of God through worship, ministry, giving and education. We strive to connect with Jesus and to each other, in order to magnify His name. At the heart of everything we do is the understanding that we must love God with all our heart, with all our soul, and with all our mind, and to LOVE ALL PEOPLE with the Love of Christ.


As a ministry, we are constantly pursuing the calling to be fully devoted followers and believers of Christ. To build a true heaven on Earth, we live life based on the teachings of the Bible, are passionate about prayer and are grounded in spiritual accountability. 

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